Update on dSTS handbook

Thank you for your interest in the digital STS handbook! In June of 2014 we received over 90 paper proposals that brought exciting new visions for the future of STS and the studies of/with digital systems to the fore.

Over the following month members of the community engaged in a ground-up open review process of these proposals. Each proposal received at least two reviews from community members. Based on these reviews the digitalSTS editiorial team solicited papers for the next iteration of the community review process.

Our next round of peer review, discussion, and feedback will occur in spring of 2015. Please log in and follow along and join in! We rely on our community to help us to shape the papers and make them as good as they can possibly be. These are first draft papers, please keep this in mind as you provide constructive feedback!

In advance of 4S 2015, we will holdĀ  a paper workshop and full day panel at 4S in October in Denver. More info on these items is coming soon!